Idea Competition 2014 FAQ’s


Q: How do I register?
A: Go to the registration page:

Q: How do I deliver my project to Limerick?
A: You can hand deliver project to the submission location by the deadline date ( the address is on the brief).

You can post the submission to the location. The posted date must be on or before the deadline date ( we allow one week from the postal date for receipt of all entries).

You can contact GBM Display in limerick by the deadline date, they will arrange printing, delivery and production of a CD for the competition. Their contact details are on the links page.
They have given an indicative cost of 85 euro, to print your competition entry directly onto foam board ( they believe this is the best finish), affix you entry registration number to back of entry, print your registration entry form ( A4), and provide a CD of your entry. Their requirements are that your entry is sent by email with the Subject ” Docomomo Limerick Ranks Silo Competition + “your entry registration number”.

Subject of email=” Docomomo Limerick Ranks Silo Competition + “your entry registration number”
Files need to be 300dpi resolution.
594mm x 841mm in size.
Accepted File format pdf / jpeg
CMYK type file
File size 10 MB approx
Email should contain your instruction and your registration number, they can take visa payments by phone.

DoCoMoMo is not connected to GBM is any way and DoCoMoMo does not receive any financial benefit from GBM. We have suggested GBM in the hope that it may reduce the expense to competitors.

Q: Can i get my competition entry back once the exhibition is over?
A: No, The entries will be retained by DoCoMoMo.

Q: Is there a restriction on who is eligible to enter?
A: No, there are no restrictions on entry. The competition is open to all.

Q: What do i need to send in with my A1 board?
A: You need to provide 1. A1 board ( with registration code on back), 1 CD with a digital copy of submission ( jpeg or pdf no bigger than 5Mb) with entry form, 1 printed Entry form.


Q: Are there any more drawings of the site
A: No, Competitors can amend/ update the drawings provided as a see fit

Q: In what format are the drawings provided?
A: The competition pack ( available to download after registration), provides the drawings in various Autocad formats and .pdf format.

Q: Can i submit a model of the project?
A: No, the only item to be submitted is the A1 ( Landscape) mounted board + CD + Entry form, you may photograph the model and include the images as part of the A1 board.

Q: At what scale are the .DWGs drawn?
A: Unit measurement is 1 unit to 1 mm ( Metric).

Q: At what scale must I provide my presentation?
A: This is up to the competitor ( please note however that metric scales are the convention in Europe).


1. I have registered for the competition and I have a question regarding the section of the silo. The drawing seems to indicate that there is a dense structure of concrete walls with 10 story voids in-between. Can you please clarify the section please?

The section provided is through the bins for storage of grain in the former silo

2. Please advise whether the silo was designed/ used for storing one particular commodity like grain or if it was designed/ used for storing different types of commodities.

It is a former grain silo

3. The silo has been disused since 1983. Please advise whether the function previously performed by the silo is still present in the port and, if not, whether this function has been re-located to another port or made wholly redundant by alternative methods of shipping.

The storage of grain is no longer performed at Limerick Dock. Ideas on the future use of the former silo must take cognisance of the fact that the port is to remain a working port and any potential future use of the silo must take this fact into consideration

4. Please advise if ownership of Rank’s silo is separate from the port or if the silo part of a larger port property in the ownership of a single authority or company. If the latter please advise if competition proposals should be limited to the silo itself.

Shannon Foynes Port Company are the present owners of the former Ranks Silo. It is at the discretion of the competitor to limit their attention to the silo or not. Please note that the general thrust of the brief is to disregard convention and seek to explore all the possibilities that the site and its redundant structures

5. Please advise about the frequency of use of the existing port and types of commodities that are shipped into or out of the port.

Please refer to the Shannon Foynes Port Company website:

6. Please advise whether the silo interior generally is considered to be safe or if entry to the building is limited or prohibited on grounds of health and safety. Please advise if hazardous materials such as asbestos are known to be present in the silo.

Access to the former Ranks Silo is limited. The silo is structurally sound and asbestos can be deemed to be not present for the purposes of the competition

7. Please advise why two other silos were demolished if the reasons are known.

Development potential of land

8. Photographs seem to show some loss of cover on reinforcing bars and netting above street level. Please advise if the silo is generally structurally sound or if there are known to be significant problems with concrete spalling or failure.

The silo is structurally sound. There is local concrete spawling on the top floor but this is not a concern structurally

9. The section drawing provided with the brief does not seem to show any structural elements such as columns or walls at ground floor level or attic level. Please advise if this means these are column-free spaces with clear span structures above them.

Access to the silo was limited at the time of launching the ideas competition so this query cannot be determined

10. The competition says on page 2 that ‘… responses should articulate site characteristics with an analytical framework in which an urban and architectural project is conceived around lines of force …’. Please advise the type of force or forces to which this part of the brief refers.

‘Lines of force’ refers to recent trends at Limerick Docks as well as current development plans for the city. Please refer to Limerick City Council website:

11. I am writing this email as I had a question about two of the Franz Haselbeck images provided to us in the competition pack, namely the photos labelled ‘Interior Photo of Silo 1′ and ‘2.’ I was wondering if the machinery in the photographs still exists within the Silo building and also on which floor?I’m guessing it has to be either on the very top or bottom floor but I can’t be certain which of the two and I’d also be curious as to what exactly its exact purpose was?

Machinery is located on ground floor, it was for distributing grain

12. I would like to ask if I am correct in assuming that both of the photos ‘107-HP80 construction’ and ‘HP 51 Ranks construction 7th June 1935′ are not actual photos of the competition building but rather of the buildings constructed across the road that formed the second portion of the Ranks complex and were built roughly at the same time and of the same style to the competition building?


13. What is the functions of the working port at present and in the future that proposal should consider?

At present is a port for general shipping for the Limerick area, its future is for the competitor to engage in or not.

14. Is there regulation of building area for proposals?

Planning regulations are not relevant to competition, as the competition is an open ideas competition to stimulate debate

15. I am wondering if there are any photos taken inside the building or is it possible to access the building?

Interior photographs are included in brief

16. Are any of the grounds immediately surrounding the Silo available to be included in the proposal or is it strictly the building and its own footprint?

It is at the discretion of each competitor to define the extent of competition site

17. Is the main entrance to the Silo building off the Dock Road or is there access via the Gateway to the Quay side within the docklands itself and if so who owns / operates this gate?

All lands at Limerick Dock are presently owned by Shannon Foynes Port Company. The main vehicular entrance is from the Docks Road. There is a door into the silo located on the fa├žade facing the quay side

18. Is the Grain Store (c. 100m) to the South West of the Silo part of the Competition / Proposal?

It is at the discretion of each competitor to suggest the extent of competition site