DOCOMOMO Ireland is the Irish chapter of the international organisation docomomo.

DOCOMOMO Ireland succeeds and replaces the Irish DOCOMOMO Working Party, established in 1991. DOCOMOMO is an international organization, founded at Eindhoven in The Netherlands in 1990, committed to the documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the modern movement.

DOCOMOMO Ireland aims to:
foster interest in the ideas and heritage of the modern movement in Ireland
exchange knowledge relating to conservation technology, history and education
elicit responsibility towards this recent architectural inheritance and
act as a watchdog when important Irish modern movement buildings and sites are threatened

DOCOMOMO Ireland is a membership organization open to all who are interested in modern movement architecture in Ireland. Applications for membership of the new association are invited. For more information on becoming a member please contact us by using the contact page.

DOCOMOMO Constitution (PDF)


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