DoCoMoMo Ireland is a membership organization open to all who are interested in modern movement architecture in Ireland

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Limerick Ranks in the 21st century winner : Irish National Seed Vault_Stephan Brugger + Eva Hierzer / AUSTRIA

Full results here: DoCoMoMo_Ranks Silo Press Release and Jury Citations

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Limerick Ranks Images

Some low resolution images of The Ranks Mills in Limerick, high resolution images are included in the download folder for the competition.

Central Bank Competition Winners 2013

Central Bank Competition Winners 2013

Winners of Central Bank Competition: GKMP Architects with Conor Maguire & Jennifer O’Donnell Prize for Best Presentation was awarded to: Amelie Conway, Dominic Lavelle, Brian Barber, Joe Swan. Student Prize […]

Update: Bord Fáilte oral hearing at ABP

The hearing will start at 10am on Wednesday, November 1st – it is open to the public and can normally accommodate around 40 people. As DoCoMoMo Ireland is a voluntary […]

Bord Fáilte – Oral Hearing at ABP

Bord Fáilte – Oral Hearing at ABP An Bord Pleanála has granted DoCoMoMo Ireland an oral hearing into our appeal against the demolition of the Bord Fáilte headquarters building, designed […]

Dublin 2 Modern

Dublin 2 Modern One building currently being demolished, one condemned, one threatened, one restored and one miraculously untouched – these were the five buildings that featured in DoCoMoMo Ireland’s walking […]